Art Requests

I have an idea for an awesome story, could you draw it for me?
As much as I am honoured that you would consider me, I am afraid I have to decline. My schedule can be very full and the chances are I am working on other projects already.

Could you draw me a picture?
Again, look at my answer at the above question. In case my schedule allows it I do offer private commissions. Just send me an email.


Art Stuff

It seems you are combining a few artsy things rather than just drawings?
Is that a question? I like to combine what I love and like to do, so it is not just purely drawings or comics in a greater sense. I like to shoot videos, write scripts or little stories, draw storyboards, work on illustrations… the list goes on.

So you are not just a traditional artist?
No, not just. I quite like the digital side of things too. I do draw digitally too, I love to film with my DSLR, or to take photos with it, I love editing and looking for the right music for the projects I have in mind.



I heard you like using markers. Which are the ones you use?
I like to mix and match markers from different brands, such as Copic, Letraset (now Winsor & Newton) and Kuretake. Though I am always happy to try other brands as well.

What are the best markers?
I believe this is a question, which I cannot properly answer. Each marker/brand has its pros and cons, so it is more a question of how the utilise the strength of each individual marker.

Are markers smelly?
Yes, they all have a marker smell to them; some more, some less. That is the alcohol solvent inside the cartridge. Despite this, markers are non-toxic.

Markers can be difficult to handle. What is the best paper for them?
Again, there is no such thing as the perfect paper for markers. It comes down to what you want to do with your markers. Some techniques only work on certain types of paper, on other types the desired effect might me negligible. My best advice would be, experiment with papers and find out what fits your needs.

Is it true that markers bleed a lot?
This can indeed be a tricky behaviour to keep under control. Markers always bleed to some extent, yet it mostly depends on the paper you use. Unless you are using marker paper (which is specifically designed for them) you want to protect the surface you work on by putting a spare piece of paper underneath your drawing.

Do you want to learn more about markers?
In case you want to pick up a few things you should know about markers, then check out my tutorial section.